On Thursday, 14th June 2018, Rome city council voted to name a street after Giorgio Almirante, a civil servant in Mussolini’s puppet “Republic” propped up by Hitler’s Nazis, editorial secretary of “The Defence of the Race” & founder of the neo-fascist MSI party after WW2.

Shortly after midnight the following day, the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi tweeted: “There will be no street named after Giorgio #Almirante in Rome. I will table a motion to that effect tomorrow”. As promised, Mayor Raggi’s motion was eventually approved by Rome’s City Council.

Who was Giorgio Almirante? As we approach the 80th anniversary of the passing of the antisemiticRacial Laws” (October 1938), we want to go back to what Giorgio Almirante wrote on racism and judaism on 5th May 1942 on “The Defence of the Race”, the magazine of which he was editorial secretary:

“Racism must be the food of all and for all, if we truly want to have in Italy — alive in all of us — a conscience of the race. Our racism must be the racism of blood, the blood that I feel running in my veins, that I feel while it’s flowing, that I can see, analyse and compare with the blood of others.

Ours must be the racism of flesh and muscles. And that of the spirit, yes! — but inasmuch as it inhabits those same bodies, which live in this our Country, not a spirit wandering among the uncertain shadows of a manifold tradition or of a fictitious and deceptive universalism.

Otherwise, we’ll end up playing in the hands of the halfbreeds and of the Jews; the Jews — who having on so many occasions been able to change their names and successfully blend with us, will be able to feign (even more easily and without the need for costly and laborious practices) a change of spirit and declare themselves to be more Italian than us, and simulate being, and succeed in passing themselves off as such. There is no other certificate which will allow us to put a stop on miscegenation and on Judaism, but the certificate of blood.”

Comitato Provinciale dell'ANPI di Brescia, http://t.co/Ui87fg4pNE - Facebook: Anpi Brescia. English: http://t.co/dYHCAaxsDM

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