Italy - Brescia says No to Forza Nuova

Forza Nuova, a party whose nazi/fascist nature has been confirmed a few years ago by the Italian Court of Cassation, announced a rally last week in the traditionally multicultural “Carmine” area of Brescia.

The working class “Carmine” area in Brescia has a long tradition of antifascism. Mussolini’s fascist squads had a hard time entering even in 1922.

The local residents committees and the antifascist associations — including Italy’s Partisans Association (ANPI) — have organised a day-long street party to express their revulsion at those who prech racism, fascism and hate.

The party which is ongoing as we write — has seen people from every corner of the world cooking food together, and sharing it, games and a photo exhibition.

Comitato Provinciale dell'ANPI di Brescia, - Facebook: Anpi Brescia. English:

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