Italian historian threatened by neo-fascists in Milan

Saverio Ferrari speaking at an event organised by ANPI (Brescia) in 2014

Saverio Ferrari is an Italian journalist and author, well known for his in-depth research on neo-fascist and neo-nazi movements in Italy, and their foreign links and affiliations.

Saverio has published 8 books on the topic, and has contributed to several Italian newspapers and magazines over a number of years. His articles often feature on Italian daily il Manifesto.

Saverio is invited at events all over the Country to speak on the rise of neo-fascism in Italy. He is a regular guest at ANPI events and meetings: ANPI Brescia has invited him to speak on numerous occasions, more recently on the far-right advance in the Brescia area.

A couple of weeks ago, he was the main speaker at a large anti-fascist event held in Cantù, near Milan, to denounce the international neonazi “Boreal Festival” meeting hosted by far-right party Forza Nuova (September 12th-13th) in that town. (Video available here; no subs unfortunately.)

Saverio Ferrari has suffered threats by neo-fascist and neo-nazi elements for a number of years, and was assaulted three years ago. He was beaten and kicked, and had to be hospitalised as a result.

The latest threats are particularly worrying, and having been alerted to them by a reliable source, Saverio decided to go public with the following statement:

“Someone is planning a physical assault on me

I’ve been informed, for the second time in recent weeks, that someone in extreme-right circles in Milan is planning an attack on me.
My source is reliable, having proven as such to me on numerous occasions.
I’ve also been informed of the operational mode and the name of the person in charge of the action.
The plan would involve a number of paid foreign nationals, to possibly make it appear as some sort of shady incident.
I’m left with no other option than to make all this public, as I don’t have any formal evidence that would enable me to lodge a criminal complaint.
The names of the person in charge of planning the action, and of the individuals behind it will be given to a number of people I trust, as well as to my lawyer.
In case anything happens to me, they will know how to proceed.
Saverio Ferrari”

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